Wine tastings

dramatic stories of land,
grapes and winemakers

Our mission is to make wine approachable

Wine is for you if you appreciate nature, like discovering new flavours and wish to connect with likeminded people.

Wine tasking can be a meditative experience! While thinking about the flavours in a glass, you connect with your body through the three senses.

Available Tastings

We tell stories about history, wine regions, indigenous grapes and more

We share tricks & tips how to recognise your senses.

We share love for nature by showing connection between the wine and climate conditions that grapes grow in.

How it works

Click `Book a Tasting` or call us!
We discuss details such as date, location, budget etc.
We arrive to prepare the tasting location with glasses, wines and other equipment.
We start telling stories while pouring the wine. You and your guests enjoy a different kind of fun time together!

Our wine tastings are tastings of history

We select wines that are brilliant expressions of regional indigenous grapes or great examples of historic wineries.

We make the selection after thorough research about the land, winemakers and indigenous grapes of a region. We work with different wine sellers this allows us freedom to make unique selections for our regional tastings.

Event Details

Everything is

Minimum 6 guests
Tasting lasts ~ 2,5 hours
Location can be in Amsterdam & around
Storyteller is a certified wine specialist
Price starts from €40 per person
Snacks are included. We can serve dinner too

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